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Patient Entertainment

Patient Entertainment

BEWATEC flat screens simply provide more comfort at bed or couch.  No disturbing other patients and no screen flickering at night. No matter whether it is a hospital bed, a dialysis bed or a nursing ward – the latest MediPaD 10" or MediStream 15"panels ensure undisturbed TV, Radio and Internet enjoyment – anytime and anywhere.

As Hospital Newtorks chanegs with technology we are pleased to inform you that our our Patient Entertainment units supporting DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, analog TV & Radion Signals 

BEWATEC Mounting brackets for hospitals with some of the strongest arms in the world. Each individual is unique, has his/her habits and many patients have limited mobility. Thanks to our mounting brackets, your patients will be able to communicate comfortably in every sitting or lying position, adjust the display distance, change the position of the device, pivot and tilt the display and change the viewing height.

Since our mounting brackets have to work hard for a long time, BEWATEC set very high quality standards


Versatile adaptation options for our nurse call systems, bed-light switching, telephones, handheld devices, DVD players are also available.

Conventional Radio Distribution and Public Address

The Ackermann 99 nurse call system has the option of an integrated patient handset which can include music distribution and TV audio.

A central music rack equipped with tuners and amplifiers can provide multi-channel music to the bed head, corridors and waiting areas. Microphones can be provided for public address which will interrupt the music in public areas for the duration of announcements.

Patient entertainment products can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to clients specific requirements.