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Staff Protection

Personnel alarm solutions for psychiatric facilities

Caring for the mentally ill—particularly in acute cases—is a stressful, demanding job. It requires dedicated staff with specialist skills. And it calls for specialist personnel alarms and communications systems. Solutions that have been tried, tested and adopted in facilities and health systems worldwide.

How can we minimize the risks facing caregivers in mental health environments, while still respecting the dignity and rights of patients? One proven way is with an unobtrusive, mobile, and customized personal solutions from Connexus.

Respect for patients. Reliability for staff
A Connexus staff safety solution is discreet, within reach at all times, easily or automatically activated, and can be pre-programmed to alert assigned colleagues or security personnel. Such solutions can be customized to include a ‘no-movement’ function, where an alert is sent if the handset remains stationery for a pre-defined time period. Pull-cords can also be attached to users’ handsets. When forcibly removed, the handset automatically transmits an alert. The solution can also include positioning functionality. This lets responders see the location—often with room-level accuracy—of the handset that sent the alarm. Responders can also listen in on whatever the handset picks up, giving them a more detailed picture of the unfolding situation.

Fast facts

  • Being able to discreetly summon back-up can help de-escalate potentially threatening situations
  • Connexus personal safety alarms are transmitted directly to pre-assigned colleagues or security staff
  • The handset-locator function in our solutions can make it easier and quicker for responders to react in emergency situations
  • Personal alarm functionality is typically integrated into a complete wireless communication solution that also offers voice, data and messaging capabilities
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