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Solutions and Technical Consulting

Is your current nurse call fit for purpose? Hampered by a mishmash of legacy systems? Employees struggling with complicated, time-wasting equipment? Our Professional Services are there to answer these – and just about any other wireless communication question you may have.

Expert help

We can help you with practically any aspect of your wireless communications systems, regardless of vendor and/or manufacturer. We can, for example, perform a health check of your existing systems. We will pinpoint areas for improvement and draw up realistic recommendations.

To ensure consistency and quality, we use our own project managers to oversee consulting services.

Fast facts

  • Connexus consulting services are available for a broad range of industries and sectors: healthcare, manufacturing, retail, secure establishments and hospitality
  • The services range from initial site surveys to full-blown solution design, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance
  • All Connexus project managers have several years practical experience
  • Our specialists can help Hospitals and Care Homes find improvement areas, and explore ways to increase patient and staff satisfaction
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