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Patient safety and efficient workflow processes in care facilities are key elements of the new system generation of Systevo IP Nurse Call. In today’s challenging Healthcare environment clinicians need a more comprehensive view of the patient’s status that goes well beyond traditional nurse call. In simple and smooth-running workflow steps, information and alarms are intelligently forwarded with the correct priority to the right people, which contributes to a reduction of alarm fatigue in the care environment. Systevo IP Nurse Call solutions are designed to integrate, orchestrate and enable aligned end-to-end digital clinical information and workflows between systems, people and devices at virtually any point of care.

Through the new possibilities of Systevo IP Touch, the processes in nursing care can be significantly streamlined. This already starts with such simple things as the discrete voice communication between patient and nurse, whereby the nurse is saved unnecessary walking around and thereby a lot of time. As regards hygiene, Systevo IP relieves the nursing staff. On the one hand through designs which make disinfection and cleaning especially easy. On the other hand, through processes which support hygiene better, for example presence registration per RFID card.
But the possibilities go even further.

For instance, in the future, for example, vital signs monitoring can be connected so that a nurse also doesn’t have to go in the room. The vital signs monitoring automatically raises an alarm if a critical value is exceeded. The new system even makes documentation and billing easier. A lot of documentation tasks are made simpler or automated by connecting them to the Hospital Information Systems. Presences and calls are automatically recorded and documented, so billing to the health insurance funds and insurance companies is made significantly easier.

Various safety devices, such as Track &Trace (“Patient and device monitoring”), medical monitoring, wanderer alarm, fire alarm and staff protection systems, are easily integrated and escalation procedures are defined by the care facility. Coordinated procedures and a fully comprehensive history and report management application make a sustainable contribution to the avoidance of errors and the reduction of inefficient work processes.

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