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Wireless Solutions and Smartphone Applications

Mobile devices
Ascom mobile devices: improving workplace efficiency, safety and patient and customer satisfaction
Whatever your mobile communication and workflow needs, the Ascom portfolio of mobile devices offers a solution—supported by Ascom Healthcare and Enterprise Platforms, accessories, professional services, training, after-sales support, and Enterprise Mobility Management solutions.
The Ascom range of mobile devices includes medical-grade mobile devices, enterprise-grade Android™ Myco smartphones, DECT and VoWiFi handsets, and ATEX- and IECEx-certified DECT handsets.

Ascom VoWi-Fi handsets offers enterprise-grade wireless telephony, messaging and personal alarm capabilities, based on Wi-Fi technologies. Using Voice Over IP means telephony and enterprise applications (e.g. internet and email) can use the same network infrastructure, lowering implementation and maintenance costs.
Using 802.11n standard provides the benefits of higher throughput and longer range possibilities which increases the ability to integrate to other systems and build efficient applications.

Fast facts

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Superior voice quality
  • Centralized management
  • Certified interoperability with leading vendors
  • Easy deployment
  • Over the air (OTA) software updates

Smartphone applications
Controllable access to the world’s largest app library
Ascom Myco smartphones work together with an evolving portfolio of professional-grade apps from Ascom, Ascom Technology Partners and third-party developers. And by operating on the open Android™ platform, the Ascom Myco gives your organization easy access to the world’s largest and constantly expanding ecosystem of apps, ideal as your needs change over time.

Security features let you control users’ access to apps, helping to protect patient/resident/customer data and operational reliability. Other features ensure that mission-critical functions—such as the management of clinical alerts—are always prioritized ahead of non-critical apps.

Ascom IP-DECT combines Voice over IP with Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) technology. Ascom IP-DECT a reliable wireless communication solution that offers enterprise-grade telephony, professional messaging, lone worker alarm, personal alarm and multiple location positioning possibilities over secure dedicated frequency bands.

It is developed based on open standards, such as SIP, which maximises proven interoperability with many of the leading VoiP Telephony vendors. Users availing of a range of Ascom handsets to suit every application and environment in which your staff go about their work.

The best of both worlds

  • IP (Internet Protocol) – Universal standard for inter-networking that maximizes scalability and interoperability.
  • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) – Secure radio communication standard that delivers superior voice quality over reserved radio frequency bands.*
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