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Falls Prevention

Connexus Communications supply its customers with a range of devices to assist in Falls Prevention and Falls Management

The following items fully integrated into our Telecare IP Nurse Call System greatly enhancing your Falls Management procedures and residents/patient outcomes

A “Smarter” Integrated solution!   Why you may ask?

  • A dedicated Priority Call Level is associated with the following devices, meaning staff know precisely the nature of the event the can assign  it priority.
  • Nurse Call System displays and staff mobile devices receive the higher priority messages with a unique Falls event message and tone signal.
  • The Nurse Call System records and logs the Fall Alarm events as distinct events rather than here to fore simply normal call events associated with a resident pressing their call button for assistance.
  • Fall Alarm event incident reporting is available for look back audits and Falls Management planning can be based on accurate data and information
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Wireless transceiver for connection to clients chair alarm or bed mat alarm to alert staff promptly.

No trailing wires or leads reduces trip hazards and maintenance costs.

Compact size at 37 x 98 x 38 mm

Wireless transceiver for connection to door sensors to alert staff if a resident or patient are using and unauthorised exit/door or simply a stairway which may present  falls risk or wander management risk.

Compact size at 37 x 98 x 38 mm

Wireless PIR transceiver  to detect is a resident or patient exist their bed or uses their WC where they may be at risk of a fall.


Compact size at 37 x 98 x 38 mm
Wireless Pendants and Wrist Pendants to provide residents or patients with easy access to a mean’s of summoning help from care staff.


Assistive technology device’s to improve the ability for those less enabled residents or patients to summon assistance and used regularly in conjunction with our Systevo / Ackermann Nurse Call Systems 


Item code Description Image
A Radio receiver set 868 MHz

Comprises: Radio receiver type 73310J2, with integrated call button, designed with an isolated switch contact output, programmable for call systems with call circuit monitoring or open-circuit current technology. Equipped with easy-to-read LED status indicators for power and for acknowledgement of incoming call alarms. Simple assignment of up to 64 units to the radio receiver, or for compatible radio units a master mode option can be set where the receiver responds independently of assignment (pairing) to all incoming alarms (e.g. in recreation rooms). Handheld radio transmitter IP68 868 MHz type 73310G2 with red call button in waterproof casing. The handheld transmitter can be used either with an elastic armband and Velcro fastener, or with a lanyard. Power-saving electronics supported by smart battery monitoring that includes transmission of battery status to the radio receiver. Upon call initiation, an optical confirmation indicator is activated for a limited time for the person seeking assistance.

B Breath Sensor unit

As a non-contact breath sensor, the VarioSwitch offers considerable improvements over known blow sensors since the slightest breathing on the breath sensor allows to trigger a call purposively.

Reliable signalling despite low respiratory force.

Contact-free actuation up to a distance of 15 cm.

Slim design, no hoses and no filters

Optical status indication directly at the sensor head providing reassurance when a nurse call is initiated by the patient, orientation light with adjustable brightness levels.

Fast and easy installation fitting.

Made of stainless steel, facilitates care and hygiene.

Can easily be integrated into the our Ackermann Nurse Call system with its normally closed operation for monitoring and 7 Pin DIN plug for insertion into the nurse call socket.


Item code Description Image
C Pneumatic breath call unit 

Pneumatic breath call unit with 7-pin plug, suitable for immobile patients. The unit is connected to the nurse call system via a 7-pin plug. The call is actuated pneumatically by forcefully breathing into the unit.

Spare mouth piece tubes for pneumatic call unit: 70005BZ

D Pneumatic pear push-button

Pneumatic pear push-button with 7-pin plug, 1.9 m insulating plastic tube with rubber ball and retaining clip.










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