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Lone Worker Alarm

A lone worker loses consciousness before having a chance to transmit a personal alarm. A suspected gas leak calls for a coordinated response across a sprawling production facility. Responders need to locate of the lone worker associated with the distress call’s origins. These are just some of the real world scenarios with which Connexus Communications Lone Worker solutions assist its clients deal with in manufacturing plants day in and day out. Connexus: mobile personal alarm solutions for the people that keep them safe & mobile.

Targeted alerts for faster response
With the push of a button, staff can send precise alert data messages to selected co-workers and ERT teams. This data can include the alert’s location, often with room-level accuracy. Alerts include voice, text, audio and visual alarms—and range from discreet, silent distress calls to major event alarms. Alerts are automatically transmitted to assigned recipients, and can be escalated to others if ignored or unanswered.

Lone worker ‘Man-down’ and ‘no-movement’ alarm functions trigger alarm events should a worker’s handset suddenly tilt or remain in a Man-Down position after a programmable specified time period. Connexus Lone Worker personal safety solutions are open and scalable. They can be built on virtually any existing telephony/communications infrastructure, and are easily adaptable to meet your organization’s changing needs.
Connexus Lone Worker personal safety solutions typically integrate infrastructure, mobile handsets and software. Our solutions are open and scalable. They interoperate with virtually all existing systems, and can be altered over time.

Lone Worker System: Fast facts

  • ‘Man-down’ and ‘no-movement’ lone worker functions raise the alarm, even when the caller is incapacitated or unconscious
  • Alarm location: an Ascom solution can include functions to locate the origin of a distress alert with room-level accuracy
  • Different levels of alerts are available, from silent and discreet alert notifications to full-scale emergency alarms
  • Lone Worker alarms can be broadcast in staged, pre-determined phases. Unanswered alarms are automatically routed along a chain of recipients

For those customers with hazardous ATEX zones and requirement for improved safety and  ATEX/IECEx classified Lone Worker handsets our Ascom IP-DECT handsets are available in fully certified ATEX/IECEx classified format’s. Ascom’s Interoperability program ensures we can interface with all major VoIP telephony platforms using the industry standard SIP protocol.

The Ascom IP-DECT solution  ideally suited to challenging manufacturing environments with excellent signal coverage, system up-time and reliability.

Connexus Communications has many large customers in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing sectors using the Ascom IP-DECT solution for onsite Voice Communications, Lone Worker Alarm, Man Down Alarm, Critical Response Team Messaging, ERT Messaging and integration to Fire Detection, BMS and other process control systems.

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