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We have the capability to offer unique bespoke solutions to solve many of the communications problems affecting  modern manufacturing facilities today. We can deliver unified on-site communications solutions that can save time, improve communications, deliver critical event messaging, enhance workflows, help drive better efficiencies, improve lone worker safety and reduce risk.


Lone Worker Alarm
A worker slips, falls and strikes unconscious. How should he/she be able to alert their colleagues? With our d81 handset from Ascom, the device's tilt sensor would automatically respond and send an alarm to the Emergency Response Team.
Technical Alarms
A lift door jams. An escalator stops. An extractor fan stutters to a halt. They don’t sound dramatic. But left unattended, such issues can snowball into major problems. That’s why it’s critical to have intelligent technical and building alarms - systems that ensure alerts go directly to the right people.
When ambient noise levels fluctuate, our systems proactively work to reduce the effects of background noise on communications. This enables clear communication in production areas, warehouses, and technical rooms.
Cleanroom Intercom
Cleanroom stations are easy to clean, can withstand most chemicals, and are resistant to bacteria and other contagions. They can be used in isolation rooms to allow quarantined patients to communicate with staff while allowing for efficient disinfection.
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