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Wanderer Control

Discreet Wander Alarm Management, monitoring and alert solution that promotes patients / residents’ dignity, autonomy and self-esteem, enables mobility, exercise and social movement in a safe, controlled environment

Reassures patients and residents’ families and provides data and records for audits which in turn helps ensure care quality.
Accurate location of wandering patients or residents supports swift staff responses.
Loitering alerts are triggered when at-risk patients or residents are in the vicinity of certain exits beyond a pre-set time.
Helps minimize intrusive monitoring.
Frees time for more meaningful staff-patient and resident interactions

One of the Wander Alarm solutions from The Connexus Communications is our very popular Ascom teleCARE IP solution which is a proven way to reliably and discreetly manage wander and elopement behaviour in long-term elderly care facilities. In use at thousands of facilities worldwide, teleCARE IP deploys wearable transceivers and low frequency (LF) beacons to automatically alert staff or lock exits in cases of elopement and loitering. Such functionality is only part of a range of options that can be fully integrated into a complete emergency and nurse call system.

The elegant transceiver worn by residents can either be worn as a pendant, or as a wristband that can be fastened when needed. The latter features a tamper alarm, and is often preferred for those with advanced dementia. It can also serve as a wireless nurse call button.

Wander Alarm, elopement and loiter management functionality is an integral part of an Ascom teleCARE IP nurse call solution. It is not a separate component or installation. It does not require separate management systems or dedicated mobile devices. Wander Alarm alerts can be sent to the same device, an Ascom Myco 3 smartphone, for instance, that staff use for other communication, coordination and collaboration tasks.

Transmitting wander alerts to caregivers’ mobile devices has the added benefit of helping to foster a calmer, quieter environment.

This is obviously beneficial for staff at risk of alarm fatigue. It is also crucial for residents’ well-being, as loud and disruptive electronic alerts can cause the dementia resident to become anxious or agitated mental states known to trigger wandering behaviour.



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