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We have the capability to offer unique bespoke solutions to solve many of the communications problems affecting our Hospitals today. We can deliver unified on-site communications solutions that reduce risk, create a safe working environment for staff that can save time, reduce paper, enhance workflows and importantly help deliver better patient care.


Staff Protection
Psychiatric clinics belong to the most demanding environment in matters of personal protection. Creating an alarm and communication system in such an environment, which completely, autonomously and reliably facilitates alarm transmission with pinpointing of the caller, as well as interactive voice and text communication, is really a masterpiece.
Vandal resistant purpose built nurse call that can be configured to the need of each individual facility. High quality audio monitoring, which means an alarm is triggered if the noise level reaches a threshold.
Wireless Solutions and Smartphone Applications
Ascom is one of the world's leading designers and makers of enterprise-grade mobile devices and smartphones. You will find our mobile devices at work in healthcare, industry and secure facilities worldwide. All Ascom mobile devices meet stringent quality and performance standards, and are available for various network and operating systems: VoWiFi, DECT, and Android.
Our Clients
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