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Staff Attack Alarm

What can be done to improve staff safety?
The consequences of workplace violence in the Healthcare sector are enormous. Staff have been killed and seriously injured. Security costs strain already tight budgets. Workplaces become even more stressful—which can lead to an increased risk of medication errors, Staff turnover increases, Patient care can be compromised.

But lots can be done to minimise risks. An Ascom Staff Attack Alarm solution lets healthcare  workers send different types of alerts to pre-assigned colleagues and/or emergency services. A discreet ‘soft’ alert quietly informs colleagues of a potentially threatening situation. While other Staff Attack alerts can send location data, and may offer a ‘push-to-talk’ function that lets responders listen in to the phone sending the alarm.

Architecture description
Put simply, an Ascom Staff Attack Alarm solution consists of three main elements: staff wireless attack alarm handsets, wireless infrastructure, Ascom Unite software. Typically, a staff member presses an alarm button on a mobile handset (‘man-down’ and ‘anti-snatch’ functions automatically send alerts). Alerts travel via wireless infrastructure, and are then processed by Ascom Unite platform to ensure a rapid response from colleagues and hospital security staff.  The system providing accurate detail of the staff attack alarm location.
This software routes the alerts according to predefined plans, ensuring the right people receive the alarms in the right order. The location of the alert-issuing device can be plotted using RTLS in a Wi-Fi environment, IP-DECT base stations, and most commonly Ascom IR location or LF beacons. Positions and other key data can also be graphically shown on PC screens with the Alarm Management Client.

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