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We have the capability to offer unique bespoke solutions to solve many of the communications problems affecting our Hospitals today. We can deliver unified on-site communications solutions that can save time, reduce paper, enhance workflows, help deliver better patient care and reduce risk.


The most advanced IP nurse call system with “Point of Care” task logging. Forward-looking healthcare organizations can rely on Systevo IP to ensure patient safety and efficient workflow processes.
Staff Attack Alarm
Workplace violence against nurses and other frontline caregivers is a growing and global problem. But how can we better protect vulnerable Healthcare workers?
Cardiac Arrest and other critical event notification & response
Rapid Response Teams (RRT) have revolutionised acute care. But getting the right people and equipment to an emergency requires sophisticated technology. Manual alerts and interventions just aren’t quick and flexible enough.
Wanderer Control
Facilities that care for residents with dementia face tough challenges. One of the most pressing is how to provide the safest, most secure environment possible, while simultaneously promoting each individual’s dignity and quality of life.
Wireless Solutions and Smartphone Applications
Ascom is one of the world's leading designers and makers of enterprise-grade mobile devices and smartphones. You will find our mobile devices at work in healthcare, industry and secure facilities worldwide. All Ascom mobile devices meet stringent quality and performance standards, and are available for various network and operating systems: VoWiFi, DECT, and Android.
Integrated Workflow
Digistat Suite from CONNEXUS is an advanced patient data management program developed specifically for physicians, nurses, and healthcare administrators. The software package includes many modules that can either work separately or be integrated into a comprehensive solution for managing patient data.
The ability to hear, be heard and be understood in emergency situations is essential. Theatres; X-Ray, MRI and CT areas all require a reliable Intercom communication to let their employees work efficiently. Cleanrooms need stations that are easy to clean, can withstand most chemicals, and are resistant to bacteria and other contagions.
Patient Entertainment
Due to their modular processor architecture, our Media terminals are available for use as pure IPTV solutions as well as high-end multimedia platforms.
Infant Protection
Babies are one of the most vulnerable patients in a hospital. Ensuring infant security is critical to the peace of mind of everyone there, from nursing staff to new moms. The most effective infant protection solution provides accurate new born location information along with 24/7 abduction attempt alerts.
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