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Infant Protection

CenTrak’s Infant Security in Hospitals: Harnessing Today’s Leading Technology
CenTrak’s leading solution for baby tracking in hospitals is available with Clinical-Grade Locating™ technology for advanced RTLS use cases. CenTrak’s RTLS differs from legacy technologies in its combination of a patented second-generation infrared (Gen2IR™) and active radio frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Monitors with long-lasting batteries use Gen2IR to transmit a unique room number; any tag in that room will receive the data. The tag then relays the unique room number and its ID to the CenTrak location server, using the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi or wired network. With a system that easily integrates into third-party solutions, hospital staff can access the data in real-time.

Key Functionality
CenTrak offers hospitals a host of forward-thinking features, including:

Customizable settings — Hospitals can set rules based on their unique requirements
The ability to work with existing security systems and networks — CenTrak easily integrates with existing Wi-Fi networks, elevator control systems, door locking systems and security cameras
Exit protection — CenTrak has an escalating system of alerts and security measures as infants approach exit doors or elevators, disabling or locking these exits if necessary
Tamper detection — The new baby ankle tag and new mom tag feature a tamper sensor and will send alerts and alarms if the tag is not touching skin
Analytics — Hospitals can download reports showing an infant’s location as they move throughout the facility and any alarms that the system has generated

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