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Integrated Workflow

Digistat suite:

Patient Data Management Software
Ascom Digistat Surgery is a clinical data management system for every phase of perioperative care: case scheduling, support of anaesthesia records, OR allocation, stock status and planning, real-time OR and procedure monitoring, patient tracking, and automatic acquisition of data from connected medical devices.

Digistat Smart Central
Digistat Smart Central continuously acquires data from patient devices (e.g. infusion pumps, patient monitors, ventilators, dialysis machines, etc.) and displays them with an intuitive user interface. Digistat Smart Central gives an overview of device status, and highlights alarms and/or warnings possibly occurring on any connected device. Frontline staff gain a quick and clear overview of the status of patient devices across the ward.

Digistat Surgical Information System (SIS)
Digistat Surgical Information System (SIS) is the comprehensive solution for every staff member’s demands for the Surgical workflow. It eases the demanding workload of surgical procedures. From appointment scheduling to operating-room planning, from anaesthesia to surgery documentation, from stockroom management to optimal use of resources, this solution brings significant benefits to the main aspects of surgical workflow and its main actors. Digistat SIS – with an intuitive and touch-screen user interface – can cut down expenditure and help to improve performance, efficiency and results. Digistat SIS is a Class I medical device in EU/EFTA according to the medical devices directives (93/42/EEG as amended).

Digistat Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
The Digistat Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed to automate the documentation of patient care across the hospital’s complex intensive care units. Digistat ICU can help clinicians and nurses streamline care processes and improve efficiency. The clinicians have access to manually entered data and to information acquired in near real-time from the connected medical devices and systems (HIS, ADT, Laboratory, etc.). This suite of modules offers intensive care units a comprehensive set of configurable solutions, advanced technologies and outcome-management tools designed to improve staff productivity, control costs and help deliver a better care to the patient.

Digistat Connect
Digistat Connect acquires information about clinical data, alarms and events in near-real-time from medical devices (patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, CVVH, etc.) and creates a common, standard, automatic data stream providing patient data to a hospital’s information system. Digistat Connect is device-vendor neutral and scalable from single departments to multiple hospitals.

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