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Lone Worker Alarm - Attack Alarm - Paging

Lone Worker Alarm - Attack Alarm - Paging

Connexus Commuications has been supplying wirless technologies for Staff Protection and Lone Workers using the mediums of UHF, IP-DECT and Wi-Fi to protect vunerable staff at work. our vareid handsets cover all requirements and for industry we have ATEX approved portables and control equipment.  

Connexus Communications has extensive experience in proving its solutions to meet the needs of its customers the area of Mental Health and specifically in the Pharma / Chemical industry. 

Connexus paging, loneworker & staff attack alarm systems are unique in their ability to co-communicate on the same platform as our Ascom IP-DECT and WiFi applications meaning we can deliver a fully integrated and unique solution.

Lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack personal security system overview:

Whilst getting on with your professional tasks:  working in a shopping centre or on the night shift in a hotel; examining a patient in a health care facility; working alone in an isolated area of an industrial plant; or working in a correctional institution.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’re face-to-face with danger, and exposed to threats, intimidation or risk of accident. You need to call for help. Thankfully, you are safe in the knowledge that your workplace is equipped with a lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack personal security system from Connexus Communications. The three terms lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack  used to describe the one system and referred to differently in a variety of our market segments.

If you find yourself in a vulnerable or threatening situation, our lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack personal security system enables you quickly send an alarm signal and know that somebody has received it. The basic thinking behind the system is very simple. When you need to call for help, you press a button on a pocket unit to transmit a wireless alarm signal. The lone worker / panic alarm system receives your alarm signal that then, depending on how your system is configured, automatically alerts your colleagues and/or activates relevant alarm procedures.

Each installation of a lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack personal security system is tailor-made to satisfy the particular security needs in a particular profession and a particular situation. The flexible and modular nature of the system means that alarms can be presented exactly as you want them to be, e.g. via alarm computers, paging messages, lamps, sirens, etc.

For many of our customers, we have installed lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack personal security system that feature integrated location functions. These enable you to determine the location and movement direction of a portable unit transmitting an alarm. The possibilities as to how you can configure your alarm signals and alarm processes are endless! The most important thing is that you receive all the necessary assistance that you require for the particular situation in which you find yourself. A lone worker / panic alarm / staff attack personal security system from Connexus Communications ensures that this is the case, every time.

Threats and risks vary depending on your work situation. Consequently, we have developed different types of alarms, both manual and automatic. The simplest type is activated when you press an alarm button and, when necessary, you can do this very discreetly, e.g. if you feel threatened whilst working with a person whose confidence you are trying to gain.

If you run the risk of physical violence, there are various kinds of automatic alarms. One type is the ‘pull-cord’ alarm, which is triggered if someone snatches the pocket unit off you. Other alternatives are ‘man-down’ and ‘no-movement’ alarms, which are means of communicating when you are unable to activate the alarm yourself. These alarms, in combination with the location feature, allow for optimal personal security when you are working alone. Moreover, the modular system architecture enables you to easily modify and extend the system to meet future requirements.

Paging for a long time and the systems today bear little resemblance to those early ‘bleeper’s’. Although still a common platform, Paging or Messaging as it now called now offers a high degree of functionality that still addresses many on-site communications, loneworker protection and staff attack alarm needs.

It is a reliable and cost-effective and should your telephony system go down, Paging remains largely unaffected giving a double layer of reliability for your mission critical communications.  Specific Lone Worker protection handsets support mandown and no movement alarms plus incident location.

Paging/Personal Alarm products can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to clients specific requirements.