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IP DECT - Telephony, Messaging & Alarm

IP DECT - Telephony, Messaging & Alarm

Ascom’s new IP DECT solution combines the proven DECT secure standard with voice over IP (VoIP), allowing you to take advantage of high speed messaging and high-quality voice connections on the same network. It can connect to many existing telephone systems eliminating the need for costly upgrades. Information is easily received and retrieved via your handset.

No need for separate systems just one system with a range of handsets to meet all needs. The “Talker” handset for those who just need great quality speech. The “Messenger” handset for those who need speech and the ability to receive critical messages. The “Protector” for those who need speech, messaging, personal alarm and man-down.

The benefits are compelling: quicker response, less downtime, less administration, improved security and lower costs.

However, if you are not running a DECT system today you can use the Ascom IP-DECT system together with your IP PBX choosing SIP or H.323 protocols to build the network. The system is scalable and you could use a mix of IP-DECT base stations and IP-DECT gateways together with traditional DECT base stations (cable distance up to 1,5 km instead of 100 m for Ethernet).

 IP DECT products can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to a clients specific requirements.

Ascom IP-DECT – Quite possibly the best IP-DECT system ever

The Ascom d63 – voice quality you’re sure to hear about



IP-DECT Overview


The Ascom IP-DECT solutions ideally suited to challenging manufacturing environments with excellent signal coverage, system up-time and reliability. 

Connexus Communications has many large customers in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing sectors using the Ascom IP-DECT solution for onsite Voice Communications, Lone Worker Alarm, Critical Response Team Messaging and integration to Fire Detection, BMS and process control systems.