Pager Replacement

By 2022, pagers should be replaced with modern, fit-for-purpose clinical communication tools. We have a range of solutions to meet the needs of clinical and support staff, both on-site and wide area.

The technology

  • Smart/mobile phones, built specially for healthcare, that enable two-way voice communication, as well as messaging, via WiFi/3G/4G.
  • Targeted alerts, with customisable escalation and notification of acceptance/action taken.
  • Two-way voice communication and secure group messaging.
  • App access (eg for EPRs, clinical systems, audit tools and references).
  • Back-up SMS/GSM messaging in WiFi/3G/4G blackspots.
  • Device integration (eg with medical devices).


Why an Ascom solution?

By combining up to five existing devices – including pagers, barcode scanner, personal alarms – our smart and mobile phones are cost-effective and easy to use. Unlike many other suppliers, we provide healthcare-grade smartphones and smart messaging software to ensure a seamless, easy-to-maintain service.

By using wifi, GSM (3G/4G) and roaming across all four of the major network providers, we ensure maximise coverage to keep your teams connected.

We interoperate with over 200 medical devices and clinical systems, including nurse calls and EPRs, to ensure your staff have the information they need, any time, anywhere.

For further details on this solution contact us on 01-4105866.