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Assistive Technology & Falls Prevention


At Connexus we understand that patient’s needs are very varied and that a standard solution for all is not good enough. Over the years we have developed a range of Assistive Technology devices which help meet the specific requirements of patients with restricted movement, speech or are at a higher risk of accident and adapt readily to our Nurse call Systems.

Our assistive technology devices can be used as part of a Falls Prevention campaign and assist in reducing the unnecessary consequences of patients falling.

We have a range of mattress and chair alarms, breath call and voice activated call units, high sensitivity call buttons and wireless alarm units. All these devices connect to our Ackermann Nurse Call, Ascom Telecare Wireless Nurse Call and Network II Nurse Call Systems so there is no need for separate buzzers and calls are not ignored because they remain on the nurse call system until cancelled by a nurse.

Non-contact breath-controlled call sensor for persons with greatly restricted mobility.

In the case of specialised acute spinal injury nursing care we provide highly sensitive contact less Spinal Breath Call Devices enabling those patients with acute spinal injury to activate the Nurse call System when help is required.

We have successfully provided these units to the National Spinal Injury Unit in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and National Rehabilitation Hospitals in Dublin


Where falls prevention is linked with patients / residents at risk of wandering we can provide Wander Alarm Systems that integrate fully with our Nurse Call Systems, see our related Wander Alarm page