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Cross Counter Systems - Talk through Glass

Cross Counter Systems enabling you Talk Through glass

Product Description

Our latest Counter Intercom (also referreed to as a Speech Transfer System) is a complete communication solution for all types of applications.

Wherever walls of glass separate personnel from clients, an intelligent communication solution is needed to hear, be heard and be understood, every time, even in noisy environments such as cash desks, security check points, ticket/info kiosks, gas stations, and clean rooms.


Some of our variants supplied with an inductive loop and if you have an existing inductive loop in you counter space already the system should be able to utilise it. Saving you time, reducing installation time and money.





Security Window Communication System

The system solves the communication problem between people on both sides of security glass partitions. The built-in duplex controller switches the speech direction to permit natural two-way conversation in varying noise levels, on either side of the counter, without push buttons.


System Description

The robust system provides a safe, hygienic, efficient and comfortable working environment for counter personnel and makes normal conversation and personal service possible, while maintaining security. Two-way conversation is suitable for communicating with your callers, visitors, interviewees or customers, while preventing you and your staff from being put at risk. The system is renowned for its excellent sound quality. The installation is easy and flexible – the operator's unit can be freestanding, wall- or flush-mounted. 


Applications:  Its is suitable for many applications:

  1. Where there is danger of robbery or violence like banks, post offices, ticket offices, cashier windows, petrol stations or public offices for social services such as interview rooms
  2. Where security has to be maintained like passport controls, foreign offices, embassy receptions, guarded entrances and police stations to taxi offices, movie theatres, stadiums and theme parks
  3. Where health issues exist such as hospitals and medical centre reception areas
  4. Infection Control barrier communication 

Please download the data sheet on the links opposite and please do contact us. for further information or for a quotation.