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The Connexus range of Intercom systems from Stentofon is designed to meet the needs of many market sectors, in particular the Medical Intercom, Office Intercom, Parking Intercom, Security Intercom, Industrial Intercom, Lift intercom, special applications including Cleanroom Intercom or Cleanroom Phone, and industrial ATEX Intercom requirements.

Stentofon IP stations offer the best scalability flexibility in the market and operate in three distinct modes to allow you build a solution meeting your specific needs from smaller compact solutions to much larger systems. This is made possible with given the Stentofon Intercom compatibility with  SIP, AlphaCom™, Pulse™, G.711, G.722, G.729, HD Voice standards.

SIP iPBX – This station can be used with basically any SIP server. Compatibility with various server types have been explicitly tested, and hence, a specific functionality can be confirmed.

AlphaCom XE Audio servers - CCoIP® (Critical Communication over IP) from Stentofon

Pulse – Intercom for everyone – compact solution without the need for Audio Server from Stentofon


Our Clean room Intercom stations are very popular and have a chemical resistant and anti-bacterial front surface for easy cleaning, have SUPERB audio technology – giving loud-speaking hands free duplex communication from any location in the room and can operate paired in back to back or numerous stations as part of a larger IP based system or connect directly to your VOIP telephone system using SIP protocol. Designed to meet the requirements of ISO 14644-1, ISO Designation 5.

Whatever your cleanroom intercom, cleanroom phone or cleanroom communication requirements contact us for further information.

Did you know?

Connexus Communication can supply Stentofon have an EXPLOSION PROOF ATEX INTERCOM STATION solution using the Stentofon Turbine range


·         VoIP intercom for potentially explosive atmospheres Directive 94/9/EC  & suitable of ATEX Zone 1 operation

·         Ethernet compatible 2-wire interface

·         DIP functionality for use with AlphaCom audio servers

·         SIP/VoIP functionality for use with 3rd-party systems

·         Dust- and water-protected to IP64

·         Monitoring and self-diagnostics of critical functionality



Intercom products can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to clients specific requirements.