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Voice-Over WiFi

Voice-Over WiFi

The Ascom voice over WiFi solution and Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone and  i62 WiFi handsets are ‘vendor agnostic’ supporting the full range of open standards 802.11 a/b/g/n. This Ascom Wireless WiFi VOIP solution ensures a high level of security and voice quality 

The well proven Ascom i62 WiFi handset range has all the options. The “i62 Talker” WiFi handset for those who just need great quality speech. The “i62 Messenger” WiFi handset for those who need speech and the ability to receive critical messages. The “i62 Protector” for those who need speech, messaging and personal alarm.

VoIP protocol: H.323, H.450, SIP (RFC 3261).

Unique .11n performance
As the world’s first VoWiFi handset operating on 802.11n network, the Ascom i62 WiFi handset are truly unique. It supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing .11n network capacity

The benefits are compelling: quicker response, less downtime, less administration, improved security and lower costs.

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Our Ascom Wireless VOIP WiFi solution can also be integrated with virtually any third party management system and control tools such as Nurse Call Systems, Fire Alarm, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and OPC (which stands for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for Process Control)

WiFi systems can be combined with other Connexus products to provide an integrated communications solution customised to clients specific requirements.

Ascom has certifeid interoperability with the following PBX vendors and many of the leading WLAN manufacturers

Cisco Logo - Ascom i62     Alcatel - Lucent  Ascom i62        NEC Logo - Ascom i62               Siemens Openscape Ascom i62      Avaya - Ascom i62     ShoreTel Ascom i62    3com Ascom i62