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SIP Enabled Intercom Stations

SIP Enabled Intercom Stations

SIP Enabled Intercom from Stentofon

While the network carries the information, SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) can best be described as the language that makes it possible for a vast range of communication devices to communicate with each other. SIP enabled products are compatible with any iPBX. Stentofon products are constantly evolving and are tested regularly in Stentofon labs for compliance with Asterisk and Microsoft Lync. They are already integrated in networks from Samsung, Mitel and Aastra. Stentofon have also tested for compliance with Avaya and Cisco and our products are certified for integration in both Avaya and Cisco systems.

The STENTOFON SIP Intercom solution has successfully passed compliance testing with Avaya Aura Session Manager 6.2 and is officially recognized as compliant

STENTOFON IP Intercom Stations with SIP software version 2.2 have tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, 8.6.

Our Stentofon Turbine TCIS 1, 2 & 6 stations are compatible with Alcatel-Lucent

.Connexus - Stentofon Turbine Intercom Stations Click on the image for a link to the Stentofon Website for more infrmation on the turbine range

We offer products specifically for integration in a preexisting or new SIP based system. In addition Stentofon have made the inside of thier products available as kits for us to customize for any need you may have. This enables us to customize and design tailor-made solutions. Quality combined with flexibility are only two of the many reasons why STENTOFON products are found all over the world.
By presenting you with our SIP products and solutions, we hope to inspire you to discover the endless possibilities of SIP and identify how STENTOFON SIP Intercom products can complement your communications systems.

Amongst many of the applications for SIP Intercom Stations from Stentofon some are:

SIP Door Intercom Stations,  SIP Gate Intercom Stations, SIP Cleanroom Intercom Stations and many other applications in the Medical, Security, Industry and Commercial sectors.


The Vingtor-Stentofon Heavy Duty IP Telephone is made for environments that need a telephone which can withstand rough usage and treatment. The telephone is well suited for heavy duty usage due to the thick aluminum casing, stainless steel materials, and very high ingress protection (IP-67).The IP telephone supports open standards and is compatible with Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom, Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse and iPBXs using SIP technology. When working in AlphaCom mode, the IP telephone supports special services only available using the Vingtor-Stentofon CCoIP protocol, AlphaCom server. Available in  modles with full keypad and "Hotline" modle without keypad, with or without cover doors.

Any of our Stentofon SIP intercom stations can be configured in our powerful Intercom platform in "Pulse Mode" meaning station can be configured to operate on an IP network without a central intercom exchange /server. Larger system and those requiring more functionality are served using the Aplhacom XE range of Intercom Servers from Stentofon delivering powerful customer orientated solutions.