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In healthcare, seconds can make the difference 
between life and death; to make the right
decision you need to have all of the information
at your fingertips when needed

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Mental Health

With Unobtrusive, mobile & customised  
solution we minimise the risks facing 
care givers in mental health environments.

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Mental Health
Nursing Homes

Our solutions provide for nurse call systems; 
wander alarm, staff attack / personal alarm
mattress and chair alarm and much more.

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Nursing Homes

Our solutions for industry prevent production 
downtime, accidents and waste, whilst making
 a significant contribution to the overall efficiency,
staff safety and communications within a plant.

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With constant pressure to provide outstanding
customer service and minimise business costs,
retailers are looking for ways to improve
responsiveness to customers .....

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IP Wireless Nurse Call
Connexus. Ascom Telecare Wireless Nurse Call 1.63Mb
Assistive Technology & Falls Prevention
Assistive Technology Devices for Nurse Call Systems 505Kb
IP DECT - Telephony, Messaging & Alarm
d81 Robust Handset 753Kb
Lone Worker Alarm - Attack Alarm - Paging
Ascom Loneworker System - Staff Attack Alarm System 1.3Mb
Wander Alarm Systems
Elpas Wander Patient Door Kit 1.08Mb
Turbine Intercom Stations 984Kb
SIP Enabled Intercom Stations
Connexus - Stentofon SIP Products Explained 1.96Mb
Cross Counter Systems - Talk through Glass
Bi_Way_Counter_Intercom - Talk Through Glass 1.14Mb
Baby Tagging
Babytagging 839Kb
RTLS & Asset Tracking
Connexus - CenTrak Asset_Management_8.15 1.78Mb
Hand-Hygiene Compliance
Connexus - CenTrak Hand Hygiene Compliance 1.25Mb